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Seeing the overall confidence and self-love grow within my clients as their fitness levels improve is my true “WHY” and the reason that Hella Hustle will continue to receive my love and dedication.


I'm a Bootcamp Instructor and offer in person classes weekly! You can join us in Oakland, San Francisco, or Lafayette.


I'm a NASM Certified Trainer and I build customized programs suited to your personal goals.


I am certified and educated... Join an experience you can trust.


Natalie C.

First and foremost, Joey is hands down a phenomenal trainer. She is energetic, motivating and she meets everyone at their own level. Joey is not only responsive and encouraging, but incredibly patient. Her experience as a teacher is a huge benefit to her training style as well. She does an amazing job of leading you through a well-planned session, with clear instructions tailored to your own needs. I am an intermediate gym goer, and she is consistently able to teach me something new and challenge me every workout. She helped get me out of my comfort zone and focus on things I was overlooking like mobility, balance, and agility. Joey leads by example during one-to-one workouts, which helps me dig deep and find another gear. She knows when to push you and how to get you to push yourself. Most importantly though, she is FUN. I am pretty sure most of my core development is from laughing with her.   



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